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How do I make my room look like a TikTok room?

Most of us are guilty of being a bit jealous of those cool, vibrant rooms you see in a lot of TikTok videos. You might think it costs a lot to bring the Tiktok room aesthetic to your home, but it’s actually way simpler than it looks.

The most important part of that aesthetic is lightning solutions, so we will mostly focus on those in this article. As you know, light is one of the most important considerations when people plan their interior and it has huge impact on how the room looks and feels. Same goes with color. The products that we are going to talk about combine both, light and color, creating something with a huge visual impact.

So, here are the things that can give your room that TikTok aesthetic:

Item #1 for TikTok Room Aesthetic: LED Strips

LED Strips are basically synonymous with TikTok room looks, since they are so versatile and commonly used in the videos.

In simple terms, LED Strips are collections of LED diodes on a flexible circuit board. They  vary in length, diode types, emitted light colors and more. Some are water resistant, so you could also use them in harsher conditions.

The main characteristic of LED Strips used in TikTok videos, they are usually ones that can emit multiple colors, also known as RGB LED Strips. Most of them also come with a physical remote so you can easily switch between colors.

LED Strips often come with adhesive on their back side, so you can glue them on various surfaces. It’s a good idea to glue them in a way that you don’t directly see the diodes when you turn them on. A good example would be gluing them on the bottom of the table with diodes pointed to the floor. Another example would be using them on windowsills or built into ceilings. In the picture below, you can see them used in ceiling and windowsill.

The LED Strips in our store do have multiple remote types you can choose from, different lengths and you can also control them from your phone with a simple app. They also have a mode where their lighting responds to the music you are listening to, which is a really cool feature to have.

LED Strip in ceiling and windowsill

Item #2 for TikTok Room Aesthetic: Neon Lamps / Signs

Another common lighting element found in lots of TikTok rooms is neon signs or neon lamps. They vary in size, color and designs. With neon signs, the obvious place to put them would be on your wall in your bedroom, since it creates amazing ambience when you are cozy in your bed browsing the internet or watching Netflix.

Neon Lamps could be a bit more versatile, since they are usually a bit smaller than the huge signs. You could put them on pretty much any surface you want for an amazing effect.

Neon LED Lamp on windowsill

Item #3 for TikTok Room Aesthetic: Wall Art / Polaroid Photos

Wall art is the type of decor that ties the room together extremely well. Common art styles you can find in TikTok rooms usually feature pink, purple and light blue color schemes. Retrowave, vaporwave and vintage styles are pretty popular if you need some ideas for the posters.

One of the best places to actually print the posters is Printful – they are pretty much the best in the business. You go to their website with the design you want, make an order and the poster will be delivered to your door. The delivery is fast and quality is the best anyone could hope for.

Another great addition to the aesthetic would be Polaroid photos. They give that vintage feel and really bring the room together. If you really want to personalize it, use a Polaroid camera such as Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – it prints the photos out instantly and they will look amazing as an addition to the room.

Tiktok Room aesthetic

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